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We know the secret to produce, is to have the freshest fruits and vegetables available on a daily basis. We feature over 50 different produce items and the latest seasonal items. We buy directly from the Mt. Hope Farmer's Produce Auction where local farmers meet to sell their goods each week. So when you buy produce at Walnut Creek Cheese, you are buying the best of what our local farmers have to offer.

Here is more information about the Farmer's Produce Auction (Note: It is a wholesale only auction)

The Farmer's Produce Auction was started in 1995 as a wholesale market for local farmers to grow and sell their produce in bulk to buyers throughout the state. The Produce Auction was the first of its kind started in Ohio and is currently one of the largest in the state.

The Farmer’s Produce Auction prides itself on selling fresh, quality produce with 90% of the products provided by local growers from Holmes and Wayne County. The Auction sells produce throughout the season, starting in April and running through the 2nd week in November. In the spring, the auction specializes in flowers of all sorts and arrangements. In the fall, the pumpkin season is in full swing along with fall crops and squash. The market is a one-stop source for buyers to purchase either a truckload of produce or several semi loads and be on their way in less than 3 hours. Each day the auction floor is filled with fresh, locally grown produce that is auctioned off to the highest bidder. In the Spring the floor is filled with flowers of all kinds. In the Fall, pumpkins, gourds, fall squash as well as local produce fill the entire auction floor.

The sale provides a unique opportunity for buyers of all kinds to buy the freshest and highest quality produce, flowers, or fall decorations at one location.

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